DesnaStudio launched the new mobile app you’d never new is hybrid.

Earlier we’ve posted how and when we use Ionic – open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development.

Now it’s time to meet the update version of the hybrid mobile application that was first developed as a Prototype and had only 1 screen and 2 options.

Now it is finished advance mobile app you’d never suggest is hybrid if we wouldn’t say.
You can download and install it from the app store already!

The Voice-Box is an online voice recorder that may be used not only for recording corporate meetings and personal suggestions, but also for Health Care industry and Low Cases.

During development process our engineers achieved the following parameters:

  • Sampling rate 44100 Hz
  • Bitrate 128 kbps

This allows analyze speech quality for home care purposes if it is required.
Such quality also fits the requirements that may appear during recording for any low cases or protocol important conversations.

The Voice-Box traps each voice wave and change.

Summarizing areas where The VoiceBox may be used:

  • Home Care
  • Low Cases
  • Education
  • Government purposes
  • Health&Care

Now the Voice-Box looks like a easy-to-use online recording app with very user-friendly interface.
When you create a record it instantly goes to your or corporate Dropbox and it also can be set for any other cloud storages.

The app could be modified for different areas and goals.
It meets up-today quality and security standards, works fast, is absolutely free and have no ads.


– Integration with Dropbox accounts

– Easy to record, share, manage, and listen on your phone, tablet, PC

– Automatically checking for internet connection, notifications if you don’t have it

– Ability to play tracks in a background

Feel free to contact DesnaStudio to request modifying the app for your corporate or personal purposes.

Visit your store and download the VoiceBox

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