For engineering companies who are willing to create responsive website or mobile application for internal and external communications.

We are DesnaStudio – team of engineers and managers, and we build software to help engineering companies represent their business online.

We also develop internal soft for the industry, provide with legacy support and assist with hardware development and maintenance, advanced diagnostics and prognostics in mechanical, energy, electronics and semiconductor industries.

We offer:

  • responsive site and mobile apps to present your company and industry in the internet
  • secure mobile and web application to support internal processes
  • electronic equipment and firmware development (via sister company (
  • technical programming for engineering purposes (

Starting as hardware engineers in 2006 we gained trust of our customers and have learned the business specifics that allows us now build quality web and mobile applications to support engineering or other business processes.

We know issues you face.

Operating in the engineering industry for 12 years we learned issues and processes you face during the work.
At the same time we have experience with web/mobile tools development and can combine the sense of your product with user-friendly and well maintained UI your clients and partners will value.
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Creating a new website or app you don’t have to explain us all business characteristics, we will be able to learn your product faster, understand it deeper and emphasize its value with respectable and worthy cover.

Assistance with Hardware:

As initially electronic hardware development was our key specialization – we will be happy to discuss assistance in this area, share our cases and testimonials and answer all your questions.

Our clients are visionaries from all around the world, but mostly from the USA and the European Union.

Assistance with Legacy Software including C/C++ and Fortran:

Desna Studio founders also work with Fortran as a separate direction:

  • Software development with FORTRAN
  • Modification and porting legacy FORTRAN
  • Develop software in a mixture of FORTRAN and C/C++, combining speed and versatility
  • Revitalize legacy software systems, arrange remote access to existing software
  • Modify existing software, extend it or embed in new environment
  • Port FORTRAN software to modern architectures.

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We respect your time and choice. We will not spam you with follow ups and proposals in case you choose another vendor. Your peace and our reputation are very important to us.


Have general experience both in software web development tools (Like PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS, React, Vue.js, React, Native react, Swit, so on) , general programming (C/C++ under different architectures) and legacy software like Fortran, Perl, Matlab

Participating different project we gained additional knowledge, specific to their areas .


We also took a part in development of prognostic and health management (PHM) solutions family for complex, critical systems that can dramatically reduce lifecycle costs.


Together with our partners we worked on device to measure light pollution, concentrating on electronics and firmware development.


Data Memory Module (DMM) was designed to perform over a wide range of harsh conditions, storing a range of digital parameters of engine operation.


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