Choose a solution according your budget, time and resources.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Develop reach in features and animations super easily maintained mobile app with new Ionic 4. Hybrid mobile application proved itself as a good solution for startups. And it looks and works as well as native do. Develop and add it to AppStore and Play Market.

iOS Application Developmen

For customers who require mobile application following the highest Apple standards we offer iOS app development using proven approaches. We also build iOS development teams for those who require increase their ownn team.

Android App Development

Android is world wide popular plaform used by millions of potential consumers. It continues to be one of the fastest-growing operating systems for mobile in 2018 and 2019. To reach the audience we offer developing of advanced mobile application for Android.

Millennials Open Apps More – Or At Least Recognize They Do


Develop Hybrid Mobile Application to deliver your products ot services to the consumers easier and faster

What is Hybrid?

Hybrid mobile app is built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To get such app we create ONE code that works for different platforms. Very important thing: Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps. You can find them in app stores and install on your devices.

Will my hybrid mobile app be the same fast as native?

Speed now often depends on a quality not technology. The speed difference often can be catched by developers only. As customer you can download two apps – native and hybrid and see that they work at the same manner.

If I plan to expand my app with more features – may I still use hybrid technology?

Hybrid mobile app can be the same rich on features as a native one. Here in Desna Studio we use both approaches and can’t say any of them is wrong. The question is which one is right for you.

Choosing native means that developers need to learn and maintain several separate code bases. That always requires more time for development and support, because each time you have to update both iOs and Android versions. More hours for development and support = more funds spent.

The other option is to choose a hybrid technology and create one single code that works really fine for all platforms .

Ability to create one code that allows your product to run several platforms with the same quality as only native technology could perform before, just proves this fact.

We built hybrid apps for the following areas:

Health/ Home Care








For those who require develop iOS or/and Android Mobile Application we offer developing of quality product. We also build iOS developers team on your request.


If You want to establish your presence on Apple platforms – we offer native application development in Objective-C and Swift.


For your Android customers we offer the same development quality creating topflight native apps for Android smartphones, Android Wear, and Android TV using Java.

We build Mobile applications for all screens and different business areas.

AppStore got very high quality and inreface standards.

So creating a code we always make sure that your app is absolutely compatible to AppStore or Play Market and works fine on all possible up-to-date devices. (The list of devices we discuss at the beginning).