And now it backed by Web Components, not Angular

We’ve already told you how and why we love Ionic framework. It allows us easy build and maintain advanced apps with beautiful UI. Thus we love Ionic and our clients and their customers love the final result.

23 of January, 2019 Ionic released Ionic Framework 4.0 and we already started learning it.

Ionic creators announced it has been 2 year journey – a challenge to create a framework with powerful UI Design System which is now completed.

“Ionic for Everyone” instead of the past year of Angular

Creators also announced that now we – developers gonna have a more space for maneuvers: there is no longer “mobile for Angular,” approach.

As they say Ionic is now a modern, web-based Design System and app framework for every web developer. No matter what tools and frameworks we use.

The Best Ionic Yet

Creators claimed Ionic 4.0 is the most accessible and future-proof version of all previous versions.

They also say it’s the fastest and most complete one. (Rapidity was one of the most popular reproaches from native app developers.

However the real users of Ionic apps we have built never complained.) The other reason to throw a rock at hybrid apps was a design facilities (Our customers also have never complained btw!).

Now the situation absolutely changed as the approach was changed as well. Ionic creators announced complete iOS and Material Design refresh for each component to match the latest standards on iOS and Android. The way to improve hybrid technology seems to us inevitable: choosing native approach means that developers need to learn and maintain several separate code bases. That always requires more time for development and support. Sooner or later Hybrid technologies had to win users and they do this now. Ionic is a good example.

Native approach is not bad by itself, but definitely not for everyone and very important that now people not only have a choice but whatever they choose – this approach will be fine.

If they choose native – they will be able to build a great app. If they choose a hybrid – they still gonna get great results. Borders between quality of native and hybrid are gradually blurred.

PWA friendly

Ionic 4 is announced to be the best UI framework for building high-performance PWAs. 


If you choose Ionic for your mobile app, creators promise many possibilities for your UI and customization.

They also claimed it one of the biggest changes is the move to using native CSS Custom Properties, also known as CSS Variables, in each component. All modifications now will happen much more easier.

“Bring your own framework” model

Ionic creators surprised us even more – Ionic’s UI controls are now based on Web Component APIs, so they can generally work out-of-the-box in all major frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc.

Getting Started and Migrating

Ionic builders also offer us assistance in migration and claimed this process will be more easy than ever.

What this mean for clients and users?

Ionic 4.0 changes and approaches mean much for you and us. Processes are simplified and the result grows.

To get an advanced beautiful mobile app with great functionality is getting easier than ever!