This article describes our Flash to HTML5 / JS conversion services.
Don’t lose your customers, used to Flash.
Convert your legacy app in Flash to  HTML5 /JS Web or Mobile product.

Since in 2020 any content on the Flash will stop working – not much time left. Get free quote for Flash to HTML5 conversion .

With approaching end of Flash, it is worth to consider what to do with existing application. Possible options for Flash application conversion:
– completely remove a product – an obsolete application, courses, program or other resource;
– automatic conversion of Flash content to other platform using tools of leading vendors; this is doable if sources are kept intact;
– manual conversion, actually redesign, rebuild a product; this is an option if sources are lost and/or product has complex interaction to backend.

We at DesnaSystems have needed experience to provide smooth transition from older technology to new one. If you need to get rid of Flash applications and create new one at HTML5/JavaScribt – contact us and get free quote
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Top 5 Reasons to Convert Flash to HTML5 now.


Chrome & Firefox already block Flash content. In 2020 customers won’t be able to use your current app at all. HTML5 and JavaScript products are accessible to all browsers.


HTML5/JavaScript offers new features your customer will love. You can add more animations, images and effects.


With Flash’s plugins users can’t avoid security risks and vulnerabilities.  HTML5  will help to significantly improve product security.


Audio files, videos, or 3D images will load much faster with HTML.


You will get maintainable quality product. Easy to support and upgrade.
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Why should I convert my program now?

World popular browsers made a decision to block Adobe Flash . In 2020 any content in it will stop working at all and customers won’t be able to use any Flash programs.

We offer redesigning and reprogramming of old Flash applications and programs on a new platform with an existing or new backend.

DESNA STUDIO is a team with a proven success stories that offers its services in data migration, legacy support, and redesigning from FLASH to HTML/JavaScript.

DesnaStudio offers

Flash Courses / eLearning programs to HTML5 / JavaScript conversion.
We convert existing Flash based eLearning programs and courses.
Flash Games, Simulations and other Applications to HTML5 / JavaScript porting.
We convert Flash based applications, simulations and games – as a result you will get responsive and quality product, that works fine for all popular devices.
 All DesnaStudio Expertise in Flash to HTML5 product migration.
Randing from industrial applications to e-learning.
Cost Effective migration or redesigning.
You will get profitable solutions for your assets.

Our clients confirm the successful migration of their products:

Jane Reynolds, Executive Partner at FableVision. Boston, USA:

“We used Desna Studio for the first time to bring our educational product from FLASH to HTML5. The team is very responsive, and work hard to please…” Read more…

Convert your Flash product to HTML5 / JavaScript before it stops work.
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