E-Learning Mobile app for musicians

Learn playing songs with this app!

What is it for?

Youlula is a super user-friendly mobile app created by our clients. You can download it from stores and start learning playing songs.

What we did for this app

When we got this product it already was a fine well-maintained mobile application, so we didn’t develop it from scratch. On our client reuest we assisted with adding new features.

What we got

Download this beautiful mobile app and check all the features. Learn playing guitar together with talented like-minded people!

What the Client says

Gennadiy’s team assisted us with adding new features to the hybrid app. Communicating with them…is like communicating with good friends – skilled and responsible ones:) They are ready to share their experience, open to other viewpoints, reliable and flexible. We would recommend them to those who are looking for additional help with development and support.
Simon Boeing-Messing