Today, in order to effectively run the business, it is too little just to hire qualified employees, as it was before, and to automate the internal processes of the company’s work.
The activity of each enterprise is focused primarily on the customer. Right this caused the need to automate the process of interaction with them. What good is in established work within the company, when the client will still have to wait and loyally respond to the managers’ errors? Finally he will go to the more technically oriented competitor.
When a company realizes that without the external processes automation it loses money and lags behind its competitors, it can apply for a qualified assistance to its own or any other IT specialists.
But it should be understood that even the most skilled employee of the IT department likely has no experience in the development of B2B solutions, as it is not his direct responsibility.

Lack of experience and work from scratch are the two huge minuses for the B2B system creation.

Firstly, when it comes to the development of a quality system, it is expensive. If there is already the basis prepared, then the cost will be much lower.

Secondly, the expert will not be able to quickly identify which applications are required for the company to meet its individual needs.

When choosing the B2B E-commerce system’s supplier, first of all, there is a need to be guided by his reputation. The customer should know whether the offered to him products were tested for withstanding the load and security.
If the provider’s product has successfully passed the independent testing, the customer can be calm for a service that is purchased.
Also it is necessary to evaluate the provider’s experience in the B2B E-commerce systems’ developing, and not just the reputation at the IT services market.