Desna Studio is partnering with Lorinthe BV (The Netherlands) in campaign on Kickstarter.

The Netherlands based company, Lorinthe BV, being active in Health & Care software since 1995, subcontracted Desna Studio for development of components for a Qrespi Puck – an alerting device aimed to help senior people to stay connected.

Care About People Living Along

Often difficulties happen to senior people living alone and it always takes some time to ask for a help. Luckily not all cases are emergencies, but still require fast reaction. Moreover these cases require ability quick ask for someone’s assistance.

One touch to care

Puck is a small gadget attached to a critical place in a house – a wall or a door. When a senior presses the touch sensor on the front of Puck, it sends an alert message for help or attention, or even a sweet message to the messenger.

Puck connects people living alone to their family, friends and neighbors. It sends alerts to chat groups in WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. These are the tools we use each day, so Puck will bring people closer together in very familiar ways.


Now Puck device has several colours that reflect their purposes:

  • Red one for emergency
  • Blue for asking help
  • Green for giving sweet words to people who support you

Strategic places for Puck

It can be:

  • Bathroom
  • Front door
  • Kitchen
  • Garden
  • Bedroom

You can even use two Pucks per a location. For example, use one with a red label for emergencies, and a Puck with a blue label that only alerts for a neighbor.

Growing social network

Unlike other medical devices, Puck by Qrespi (Lorinthe BV) helps to establish contacts and rally family and neighbours.

Puck also amplifies self-care and community care, so people can stay independent at the same time helping to each other.

Learn more about the device

Check the website at or go directly to the Kickstarter page to support us and find detailed Puck description along with instructions.

Feel free to contact Desna directly for any questions or learn more about Lorinthe BV and Qrespi.

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