Despite the fact that outsourcing activity picks up steam every day, including software testing company, there is a number of misbeliefs regarding this area.

Myth #1 – Qualitative outsourcing activity should be provided by the local specialists.

Undoubtedly, the native speaker due to the certain peculiarities is much easier to perform IT services, however, the foreign expert engagement is a very widespread practice today. This approach develops international links, reduces project expenditures, and ensures a high quality.

Similar culture and traditions are with a high priority. Good example – outsourcing by Ukrainian teams. The same culture, good knowledge of English, nice prices and the main thing – good quality.

Myth #2 – Outsourcing cannot ensure the safety.

The outsourcing company takes much care about their reputation and with this regard can be found out as the most decisive labor market player, especially in the case of security requirements.

Myth #3 – Outsourcing relationships need to be managed to be successful.

Not really. Especially in QA testing area. Basing on my team’s experience I can say that outsourcing team can solve not only global problems and tasks, but also provide you with competent specialists for managing the whole work cycle.

Myth #4 – It can take a lot of time to choose the right team and to start the project.

Many afraid to get involved in relationships with outsourcing because it seems to take a lot of time for this.
Indeed it’s much easier. A lot of teams are ready to start quickly. Some of them even are ready to start ASAP.